Cibadak Indah Sari Farm is an extension of our family business that began in commodity trading more than half a century ago. Starting with one single broiler farm, we have grown to become an integrated commercial poultry company that produces DOC and broiler chickens. Our goal is to continue building our business in providing quality chicken to the market by leveraging our experiences and expertise in production and distribution.

We are working and will continually work to prepare ourselves to capture the growth in consumption whenever the opportunity presents itself. Current energy, logistical, and other infrastructure challenges in addition to human resources limitation and a general upward trend in production costs is our opportunity to improve our production efficiency and narrow the gap between our overall performance and those of commercial farms in developed markets. Thriving in such challenging environment will prepare us to sustain and grow our business profitably for many years to come.

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia with over 250 million population of which half is below the age of 30, Indonesia holds much promise in economic growth potential in the years to come. Thus far the bulk of economic development in the past decades has happened in the island of Java, but development in cross-island infrastructure as well as localized economic development have the potential to grow Indonesia’s economy far beyond the island of Java. This increase in GDP per capita generally goes hand in hand with increase in protein consumption.

Much investment has been made in light of this potential, but most have not been optimally utilized due to the challenges in infrastructure and economic growth that has been lower than the 6+% that drove Indonesia’s economy in the nineties. The election in 2014 marks the dawn of a new political era. While it can deliver a different economic growth trajectory for Indonesia and its people, challenges abound in making sure that Indonesia realizes its potential as an economic growth engine in the region.

Companies in Indonesia stand to benefit from the growth with the support of government that sets its policies to drive investment, however even without a conducive economic policies, companies will have to device a way to grow and sustain their businesses.

Poultry market growth in Indonesia has been fuelled largely through the increase in population and domestic consumption per capita. A modest 10% per annum increase in chicken meat consumption per capita is achievable. The low base consumption per capita can moved significantly if/when there is a significant increase in disposable income. We are lagging behind the Philippines and China.

Economic growth and better income distribution in Indonesia are key factors in increasing poultry consumption per capita beyond the centers of economies such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and other big cities around the country. Investments have been made ahead of the realization of economic growth in many parts of the country within the island of Java as well as other islands. Utilization has yet to reach its economic optimum level due to a combination of many factors, e.g. market demand/ buying power, infrastructure, and availability of local feed raw materials.

Dependence on imported raw materials have been further affected by the restriction of importation of raw materials as part of the initiatives implemented by the government to offset the declining exports and to increase local corn production. As a result, production costs in Indonesia on per kg level is higher than that of other producer markets such as Brazil and Thailand. The continuation and growth of the poultry industry in Indonesia will depend on it being able to compete in production costs against cost efficient producers in other parts of the world.

This production efficiency can only be achieved through a concerted effort by many within the government and the private sector. Locally sourced raw materials, infrastructure to bring these materials on location for further processing coupled with competent human resources that can leverage advancement in technologies that can assist in production are keys to ensuring the sustainability of the existence of the industry.

PT. CISF will continue to focus on production efficiency in both breeder and broiler farms while setting our eyes on becoming a fully integrated poultry producer. We believe that the economic growth and consumers’ increasing income level, the demand for quality food supply will be rising. Convenience, yield, along with hygiene will be key to consumers’ decision in choosing their protein consumption.

Chicken meat has been the protein of choice for the population as they come to have the economic capacity to make meat as part of their regular diet and we aim to be the company of choice when consumers choose to buy their chicken meat from. Be it wholesalers or individual consumers, PT. CISF aims to eventually build further processing facilities to broaden our product range that can fulfill the needs of all of our customer base.