Cibadak Indah Sari Farm (CISF) is a company that supply high quality poultry products.

Our Business

30+ Years of History

Cibadak Indah Sari Farm (CISF) was established in 1975 in Tangerang, just outside the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

Cibadak Indah Sari Farm established a broiler farm in Caringin.

In its first six years, CISF operated solely as a commercial farm until 1981 when we converted our broiler. Farms to Parent Stock farms.

Expanded operations with one GPS farm in Pingku, 3 Parent Stock Farms located in Caringin, Kabasiran, and Cikuda.

Expanded operations with additional 6 PS farms in Serang Area.

1996 - 2005
During the 10 years, Cibadak underwent rapid expansion :
• Change of leadership
• Implemented closed House systems in most of our farms
• Converted a few PS farms into broiler farms
• Tripled FS production
• Built new hatchery in Tangerang
• Setup a laboratory facility to analyze Microbiology and Serology.

Established an in-house ERP to help analyzed and improved our production.

A new parent stock farm was build in Indramayu, West Java and was in operations by January 2007.

New environmentally controlled hatchery in Subang, West Java was build and began operations in September 2007. We have added Elisa test in our laboratory facility (Microbiology and Serology).

2008 - 2010
We completed all our broiler farms into enviromentally controlled closed house system.

Another new parent stock farm was build in Sanca, Indramayu, West Java. It began operations in December 2011.

2011 - 2012
Feed Mill expantion to accommodate an increase in our internal feed consumption in the farm for both broilers and breeders.

A GP hatchery was build to replace the old facility. The new hatchery has the newest state of the art single stage machines with the Ovoscan™ system that automatically adjust the temperature of the embryo environment by controlling the egg shell temperature.

• Added a new broiler farms by converting old parent stock farm using the latest technology in ventilation.
• Added a new environmentallly controlled hatchery to match the increase in hatching egg production from our parent stock farms.
• Expanded into feed business with “Jumbo Feed” brand to support feed demand in local broiler farmer.

Vertically Integrated
We are a vertically integrated poultry company.

Grand Parent Farm
CISF Grand Parent Farm located in Pingku, Bogor, The production capacity is more than 1 million parent stock per year.

Parent Stock Farm
CISF has Parent Stock Farms located in Bogor, Serang and Indramayu. Target Parent Stock capacity by 2010 is 80 millions final stock DOC per year.

Broiler Farms
Our own Broiler Farms were all closed house by 2011. Target broiler capacity by 2018 is 30 million birds per year.

Feed Mill
We are self-sufficient in this area. We have state of the art control and monitoring system to maintain feed quality for all our GP, PS, and Broiler Farms.

CISF built our first PS Hatchery in 1981 in Caringin, Banten. We then build a GP Hatchery which began operations in 1986. In September 2007, our new environmentally controlled hatchery in Subang, West Java starts operations. From 2008 until 2014, we upgraded and replaced our old hatcheries. In 2014, all our hatcheries are environmentally controlled.

Feed mill
Feed mill and the storage system are renewed with the installation of new silos, upgraded bulk receiving facilities, and other production machineries.  Improved laboratory equipment’s are installed to monitor and maintain our feed quality not only for internal consumption but also for commercial purposes.

Setter and hatcher in our hatcheries are gradually renewed and replaced with machines using the latest technology to support and increase our hatchability.

In early years on Cibadak’s journey, open house farm was used in breeding.
As years goes by we have converted these open house farms into closed house and manage them using an automated climate control system.

Through tireless research & development in our poultry management, our GP, PS, and broiler performances continue to excel and outperform world’s standard in the last 2 years.

Parent Stock Performance


Jumbo CISF Broiler Performance