CISF provides the highest quality products, services and solutions to our customers.

Underlying beliefs supporting this objective:
• Our continued success depends on our customers’ satisfaction
• Listening to our customers’ needs, delivering solutions that translate into customer success are essential to earn customers’ loyalty

Our Products

Jumbo® Parent Stock
We supply to major breeding farms in Indonesia. CISF technical service team is one of the best in the country. We believe in training our team members as well as our customers to achieve the highest possible performance on our birds.

Jumbo® Final Stock
Jumbo® Final Stock (Final Stock) is known for its performance. Our Final Stock products and services speak for themselves.

Jumbo® Broiler
Jumbo® Broiler (Broiler) “simply” means more meat. We pride ourselves knowing that our customers benefits by getting the best yield in the market. CISF superior broiler management combined with continuous trials and tests will always deliver outstanding broilers to our customers.

Jumbo® Feed
Our Jumbo Feed originally was produced only for internal use. However, due to the market reputation of our Jumbo broilers having a consistent good quality, there were many interests among broiler farmers who want to start using our Jumbo Feed. Now, we have started to produce for a few selected broiler farmers.

Our Quality Assurance

We have placed stringent Bio-security procedures throughout our facilities. Biosecurity is frequently checked and closely monitored to preempt potential issues in our production.  From the minute visitors step into the checkpoint of our facilities and throughout each location, bio-security procedures are implemented to minimize potential vectors that may negatively affect our birds’ health.

In CISF, we have invested heavily in IT for many years to enable us to trace through out the production process. Beginning with our feed, we use only the best quality materials and ingredients. Final feed quality is also monitored with every batch and data are collected in our system to trace broiler performance to the feed used. We are also able to trace our DOC back to the eggs, the parent stock and the grand parent stock. This way we can carefully select our eggs to optimize hatchability and to produce the best day old chicks for broiler production. 

Quality Control
Quality is the principle that underpins everything we do in CISF. We believe good products can only be produced when attention is given to ensure ever step of the process is done with quality in mind. We placed QC team in critical points of the process in the feed mill and in the hatcheries. Performance monitoring then continues throughout the production stage using centralized control system to maintain favorable growing environment within our enclosed sheds. This end-to-end quality assurance is what our company stands for.